Tracy Thoman

Dr. Tracy Thoman, PHD

The Flood Doctor crew came to our home and took away all water-damaged contents, including all water-damaged drywall, carpet, and padding. They brought fans, a dehumidifier, and an air purifier and ensured the area was completely dry and mold free before they began work to repair the damage. The Flood Doctor then installed new insulation, drywall, and base boards, as well as painted the walls. They installed new padding and carpet. This was all done in an eleven day time period!In short, I cannot say enough positive about my experience with The Flood Doctor and all employees with whom I had contact. We have two young children and my husband was on a work trip in another country when a pipe burst in our basement. As a working mother, I am deeply grateful to Frank and his crew for their kindness, understanding, professionalism, punctuality, advice, flexibility and extremely high-quality service. When disaster involving water hits, our entire family recommends The Flood Doctor — they are friendly, efficient, thorough and very responsive to customer concerns.

Tracy Thoman – Vienna Virginia

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